Saturday, March 21, 2015

| to the dreamers. |

Somewhere inside of every human being is a dream, a vision, a desire. No matter what kicks it in the gut, it still begs to be permitted to live, not strangled and suffocated by disappointment and cynisism.

I wonder what would happen if . . . instead of letting doubt claim the upper hand, we hit our knees and asked God for the impossible. The impossible that people hope for and laugh at in the same breath.

I have stupid, unrealistic dreams buried at the bottom of my heart. Dreams that I probably won't tell you about if you ask me about them... for more than one reason. Maybe those dreams deserve to be laughed at. They'll probably never be able to claim even a ghost of reality.

That's how mountain-sized dreams are. But even looming like Everest itself in front of me, I want this dream. I want to keep it. And I want to see it grow up and mature into something more than a desire.
Maybe that's because of how God fashioned me. Maybe He doesn't want me to relax my frantic grip on the peices of desire tangled into my soul.

But then, again, maybe He wants to teach my stubborn, sweat-stained hands how to let go.My heart strays onto trails it should never visit, collects scraps of self-will along the way, and argues with God when He tells it to be still.

And if God wants me to unpeel my fingers from this dream and watch it drift away, it's only because He has a dream that fits my hand a thousand times better.

Lord, I want to give this dream to You. All of its mismatched colors and scraps of words from my favorite songs and sleepless nights and tearstained jounal pages. If You decide not to give it back, help me to smile anyway. Help me to look at the world and tell them that my Father is faithful, instead of lying awake at night and thinking about what was never meant to be.

 For any one, boy or girl, teenager or thirty-something adult, this is for you.

 Somewhere inside every person who sees these words, wedged between common sense and logic or maybe even negativity, is something to be prayed over. Don't strangle it. Make your requests be known to the Father. Tell Him the details; the silly parts that make you blush; the craziness that makes you shake your head at yourself. Give Him a turn to be your bestie.

And leave it at that. My dreams are so much safer with Jesus than with me.

 Love y'all.