Sunday, August 16, 2015

| these are my people. |

Organizing the disorganized files on the family computer's overcrowded hard drive involved the discovery of family shots covering the past year. The cliche that repeatedly wormed its way into my mind as I examined each one happened to be, "My family tree is full of nuts."
However, I've been told that nuts can be a very enjoyable variety of food sometimes, so maybe the comparison isn't so negative, actually.
During the course of texting my bestie tonight, I was casually informed by her that much change could possibly occur in the following year. I doubt if it could involve more change than the previous one did; two moves across the country, two job changes, two church changes, and on the list drags its tired feet.
But whatever those unpredictable switches happened to be, and whenever they happened to occur, and whatever my teenage-female, overly-emotional, deprived-of-sleep reaction happened to involve, these people never decided that my back wasn't worth watching. They never forgot to text me good morning. They never stopped reminding me not to eat too much sugar. The last probably being the most necessary and the most legit. Some of them ditched the reminder and plunged into the overindulging with me. Ah. There's nothing quite like a partner in crime.
I love these people. I'm addicted to their insanity, which happens to reflect my own more often than my "mature" self would enjoy confessing. Even when they'd probably relish punching me in the face, they still love me.

                              And I always did consider nuts on the awesome side.