Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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My theme verse these days...

Given that this is kind of a summary of all the goodbyes I have been doing the past few days, I am extremely tempted to make it short and sweet, but since I may or may not have the time to compose many posts in the very near future, I'll try to say a few really nice things, about how much I am going to miss my dear parents and my five siblings, about how I am feeling quite unsure of  how to think of coping with my canine bed partner, (she's unbelievably sweet, for anyone who happens to be gagging at the thought of a dog in a bed) and how it feels not a little terrifying to imagine moving from the second-to-least populated state in the country to the second-to-most populated state in the country, not to mention flying alone by myself for the first time, and~ okay, I'm going to stop. Lest my already chilly feet drop several more degrees.
Okay, it's not that bad... I hope.:) My brain has begged a vacation from overuse (or taken one without asking, I'm not sure which) so I apologize beforehand for the quality in sentence structure and general clarity, or lack thereof.
Last July I had a sweet friend from Texas email me and ask me if I would consider moving down there for the next nine months and help her teach in her church's small school. After much praying, talking everything over with my parents, and getting more familiar with the situation, I agreed to come.
So my brain is still grappling to process these thoughts, so please give it grace! :) Lord willing, I'm going to be flying out this upcoming Saturday, and we'll be starting school Tuesday, the day after Labor day. The fact that a mere homeschooled teen like me is going to be teaching actual classes ( 2nd and 3rd grades) in a real school is exciting and terrifying at the same time, so I'm praying that the Lord will overcome every obstacle for me (most especially my own fear) and make all of the crooked paths straight for me. Which He has proven He has an amazing ability to do... if not obstructed through my own stubborn lack of faith.

An amazing family whom we have become very close with over the years hosted a goodbye picnic for me last weekend. To write that saying goodbye to some of my dearest friends was difficult would be the understatement of the year, but God has really given my composure strength it normally couldn't boast in any situation. We had a blast playing volleyball and chatting, which helped to dilute the bitterness of actually saying goodbye to some of the people I love the most.
I haven't said the hardest goodbye yet, which will be at the airport this upcoming Saturday morning when my family drops me off, but I should admit it right now~ I'm going to miss them like crazy. :( I never knew how much I loved my crazy brothers (who likely learned their craziness from me) until I took into consideration that I wasn't going to see them again for three months, then again for six months. And my baby sister, and my parents... I love you all sooooooooo much!
I was doing some swimming and canoeing with two of my brothers this afternoon and it was like, I'm actually leaving these guys?
But my family feels complete peace about my going, and so should I, if I wasn't such a . . . okay, I'll say it.
But... I'm excited, too.
Some of the pictures from Saturday night.

My brother in his characteristic volleyball pose~ the champion, or so he'd like to appear. Okay, Matt~ I have to tease you a little. I won't get to do it after this weekend for a while. :(

I'm going to miss you girls. . .

This one was a week ago Sunday.

Given that I have other things that beg for my time more than the internet, I'm going to say goodnight.:)
I'll try to post in the future, provided I have time.:)

God Bless,