Monday, May 18, 2015

| peachey ponderings. |

I usually don't waste time and oxygen attempting to hide it~ I have an obsession  affinity for anything that has the label p-e-a-c-h stuck somewhere around it. Seriously, who doesn't go nuts for the taste of ripe peaches? Maybe it's just me and my brothers, but honestly, I have my doubts.
Their taste, their color, the state they're famous for . . . might be I have some Georgia blood swirling around somewhere in me that the family tree forgot to mention. (I wish.)

Maybe someday, I'll actually get to live there. *squeals* Or pay The Peach State a visit. At least.

While we're on the subject of bucket lists, I had peaches perched on mine for at least the past six months. Maybe it was a stint of residing in the heart of the South for almost a year. Or maybe it's the snow and rain that have layered our Rockies home the past five weeks. Snow. I mean, come on. What is it now, May or something thereabouts?

So we've been consoling ourselves with plotting a family vacation to Arizona this summer, investing in flip flop collections, and fixin' summer-flavored treats.

This recipe was my favorite of the several we sampled.



                                                                     *       *      *       *

When I grow up, I want to have my own peach orchard.

Thinking more pragmatically: I want to take my future kids to a Georgia orchard so they can pick to their little hearts' content.

But while we're still enjoying the here and now, I think I will be mixing up these things again this summer. They made my brethren love me.

Blessings to y'all.