Monday, September 7, 2015

| in which we successfully demolished a bucket of sprinkles. |


*      *      *

And in two little girls' eight-year-old imaginations, I tend to doubt that a Sunday afternoon could be better spent than creating and consuming sugar and calories in their most colorful form.

It almost makes me lonely for the eight-year-old I used to be, the girl with a tousled ponytail dangling into the frosting bowl, mouth liberally plastered with rainbow confetti and a spoon in both hands.

Yup, that was me. Back when diets were just a word without a definition.

But pretending for an afternoon with these two munchkins didn't hurt my feelings any.

Sprinkles are awesome.

Especially when they turn little girls' tongues rainbow.

Especially when we all start laughing about our rainbow tongues til our sides throb.

When it's time to break out the vacuum and erase the rainbows on your mom's kitchen tiles, not so much.

Advice for the depressed at heart: Create crazy sprinkle messes with two kids and try to gauge the speed at which they consume it. It's a remedy that works every time.