Thursday, January 22, 2015

| of snowflakes; sunshine; southerners. |

  Or, the lack thereof... so far as the snowflakes are concerned.

To be honest, I was blessed to see a precious few fragments of ice flutter from the sky on a night in December, but in the morning the ground was still the colors of forty-degree weather and rain, generously painted with mud.
They say that one year just as the bluebonnets were blooming a ghost blizzard finally blessed Texas with a dusting of winter.

I won't ask my Southern friends if they considered aforementioned blizzard a blessing, however.

This Yankee-converted-Southern gal has found herself aghast more than once to observe barefoot young 'uns traipsing through the January puddles without so much as a shiver, their mamas wearing flip flops and tees, sweet tea and ice in the pitcher on the counter, be it raw fog or sixty-degree sunshine.


Any stray breeze sliding beneath forty degrees, in Southern minds, is "misery." Where I come from, those same forties are enough to cause any decent Yankee to shout a few hallelujahs, at least, if you happen to be slogging your way through January.

  In the South, a "winter storm" is defined by floods of rain wrapped in wind, though lacking the barred teeth of a nor'easter. A dusting of ice, if the "misery" happens to be at its most depressing. Behave like a self-respecting Confederate and recall sunnier January days, when the temperature poised between a kinder fifty and sixty. Allow yourself just a few complaints while you're at it; thirty degrees doesn't blow over just every morning.

In the North, a "winter storm" a.k.a  a nor'easter, is usually defined by any number of feet of snow. Said snow can vary between heavy and light, the precipitation varying between one and ten feet. Archetypical reaction of a good hardworking Yankee: Push your front door open, elbow your way to the woodshed, break your arms hauling a dozen chunks of hardwood inside, thaw out, and enjoy the pristine winter panorama from beside your woodstove. Oh, and don't forget to stoke her up, while you're at it.

In the South, "winter wear" might include your favorite hoodie, usually with some proud Texan expression scrawled across the front (Dallas Cowboys, y'all?) and boots (cowboy, duh) Flip flops in the back seat of your pickup in the event of a warm snap?
Oh, yeah.
Everyone does it.

In the North, one's "winter wear" collection may consist of anything ranging from parka that looks more like a sleeping bag than a coat, several pairs of boots, considering that a mere tramp to the barn fills your feet with snowballs, and about five hundred pairs of gloves, beanies, scarves, face masks, coveralls, socks, and more gloves and hats and socks. Because, of course, you're bound to lose a pair or five every season, and these are the items essential to existence.

And one final observation to mention.

In the South, we enjoy two seasons.
And slightly chillier than summer.

In the North, the number spikes to seven.

More winter.
and Autumn.

Therefore, not everything is bigger in Texas.

But, the stars at night are still big and bright.... albeit, I regretfully confess, not tonight. We're having a "winter storm"... just listen to that rain. :)
And I reckon the high's gonna hit the fifties tomorrow...

                                          Missing snowflakes, but addicted to sweet tea,


  1. Oh my goodness, Hannah! You have a way with words my dear! What a delightfully written post - I was smiling all the way through... Here in South Africa we experience a similar winter to the one you just described (we are enjoying a rather warm summer now) without one itsy bitsy piece of snow (except for on the very high mountains)... And that is very sad - I have never seen snow in my life;0

    So good to read your beautiful blog again! Hugs and love to you!

  2. Hannah,
    I LOVED this post. The north is not the same without you! I could use some 50 degree weather today. :) My bones are cold. I think I will fix myself a mug of Peppermint tea ( hot) and see if maybe I( can thaw out?)

  3. Nice post Hannah.:) I'm glad that you finally got another blog post up as I sure do miss them when you don't post.
    I miss you friend! Don't get too attached to Texas.......please.:)

  4. Mmm… true, very true. I happen to love the warm sunny south. But when the snow does come, we run outside and play as thought it's never happened and never will again… :-)

  5. This post and your delightful words had me smiling all the way through. The climate differences and the differences in reactions they get in the North vs. the South are so interesting and humorous. As someone who has known no other home than Texas all my life, I loved reading your descriptions of the weather and other Texan elements that you see going along with it :) If I were from the North like you, I would definitely be missing the snow. The South is my love and my heart, too, but I am captivated by the snow and the cozy cold. I love the days that do bring that and long for them, while most everyone else who has grown up here is quite in love with Summer. The occasional snowfall or freeze, as you're finding out, is very rare, but as Sarah (above) said well, we all go out and see the snow if it does grace the land and look at it like it will be the last snow we see, haha.
    "In the South, we enjoy two seasons.
    And slightly chillier than summer." ...Those words and your post altogether reminded me of these pins I saw that made me chuckle, especially the last.

    I so enjoyed your post, Hannah.
    Hope you are enjoying your time in Texas so far♥

    Blessings to you,

    1. Lol! I enjoyed those pins, Jazzmin! They are very true!
      Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Texas sunshine we're having today!!

  6. So happy to see you posted:)! I so much enjoy your lovely way of writing. I miss you very much and please never forget you were once a Northern girl and have a friend in the north who loves you very much:)!!!

    1. I miss that northern friend! No, I haven't forgotten.... can't wait to see you this spring!! <3

  7. I absolutely love your blog, it's so cute! It's also very encouraging to find other Christian bloggers out there, and I'm really glad I found your blog!
    -Lauren <3

  8. Haha! Love that post!! Thanks for defining the differences! :)


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