Friday, February 27, 2015

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   Happiness is...

    ♥Moving your classes to a different building, with more space, more room to breathe and laugh and walk across the floor without tripping over some seventh-grade boy's oversized cowboy boot. Feeling the stress that has soaked into your soul from weeks of crowding and worrying ebb away like the last remains of the tide.

 ♥School cancelled. Sleep or celebrate. God bless.
    A text message recieved this past Monday, due to a quarter of an inch of snow. My fellow Yankees, you are entitled to a good hard laugh.

   ♥Laughing so hard it hurts over something that wouldn't have been funny, had it occurred at eleven thirty on a Friday night.

   ♥Texting your dad. Seeing him tell you he loves you, with five exclamation points. *Smile.*

   ♥Finger painting with your second and third graders. What am I gonna do without them?

    ♥A baby calf struggling on shaky feet to her mama's side in the dawn of a Texas morning. Cuteness by definition.

    ♥Hearing that good old Southern drawl twenty-four seven. I'm addicted.

   ♥Dairy Queen with three awesome people late on a weekend night. Never mind that we probably gained about five pounds apeice devouring MooLattes and Holitos....

   ♥Jesus. What would I do without His love to hold me up when my own strength won't do the trick? Not that it ever could. Lord, I want You. I love Your love and the knowledge that I can see Your fingerprint putting the pieces of my life together. Something I couldn't have done on my own, no matter what kind of hand the world lent me.

  Life is amazing, crazy, tough, but worth the tears, because He gave it to me. Lord, help me to make it matter.

               It's time to smile.




  1. Enjoyed your post Hannah! You have such a way of writing!:)
    I miss you very much but look forward to Lord willing seeing you in just a couple of months!:) So excited!

  2. Oh and that part about school being cancelled.:) Makes me laugh when my grandparents have a little bit of snow and schools because it's not safe to be out. A dusting of snow! Well it isn't safe because they don't know how to drive in it but we do so it seems worse.:)

  3. Hi Hannah,
    It sounds like you are enjoying everything down there:) It sounds like an adventure! Just don't get to enjoying it all so much that you forget about all of your old New England friends:)
    Miss you so much.

  4. I love your perspective on life, Hannah! Your posts always bring a smile to my face. ;-) Praying for God's peace and blessings on you today!

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  6. This is beautiful Hannah! And so very true… the little things in life that are so precious and often overlooked. A smile, shoes left on the floor, baby animals, text messages, people you love, laughing late into the night… I love that you took time to write these things out. I love your perspective on life. :-)


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