Friday, July 28, 2017

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At the time of my last writing, I had yet to see most of the professional photographs taken at our wedding. However, they arrived a couple weeks ago  (about a month ago, face-palm), and we had a blast browsing and re-browsing through them, getting sentimental about certain ones and laughing at others, because people like me us had no hopes of making it through a wedding without any number of awkward, terrifying or utterly hysterical moments. My husband, far and away the more cautious and prudent of us two, knew at the onslaught that he would have his hands full getting hitched to this wild child, and our marriage day presented more than one token of said fact.
Oh, but it's been good. So, so good. And I even think he'd say the same. Most days. *wink*

Back to the purpose of this post- I completed the necessary boy-meets-girl / courtship / love story blog post a number of weeks ago, but our pictures deserve a place on my virtual diary if anything does, so without further ado, here they are.


From left to right: my baby sister, Esther Joy, who served as my junior bridesmaid, Kaily, Brit, Angie, Reagan, my new niece and very adorable flower girl, Salinn, me, my brand-new husband, his brother, Justin, his nephew, Jace and also our ring bearer, his brother Dylan, his brother Jonathan, his uncle Danny, and my own little brother, David, the junior groomsman. All of these had a role in making our day what it was, and supported us so much, both in open and behind the scenes.


These two. *all the heart eyes*

I am not one to engage in sentimental rants, but my husband is amazing. I could look at him all day. God gave me exceedingly abundantly more than the man of my dreams.

My sis! Being eleven years my junior, I always wondered if she would be old enough to have a role in my wedding party. But, lo and behold, she did, and I was so thrilled to find a flower girl's dress that perfectly matched my bridesmaids dresses for her to wear as my junior bridesmaid. I was so happy to have her standing at the altar with me, even though she cried most of the day and all I wanted to do was pull her aside the whole day and tell her that it was okay and suggest that we go and snitch from the cake while no one was looking. Update: she has since adjusted, and she loves to tease both Trent and I about our various quirks.


One of the most memorable/ petrifying moments included, this being no word of a lie, the dropping of my husband's ring as my maid of honor passed it to me. And it had better be believed that I have never heard anything so loud in my life as that ring hitting the floor. However, I picked it up and managed to put it on his hand without succumbing to any displays of emotion, and we proceeded.

That particular ring was destined to be a failure, as we lost it in our front yard a few weeks later and never recovered it.

The guys in the back were instructed to jump off the ledge for the shot, which resulted in a mixture of awkward / perilous / hilarious.

These girls. Wow. The encouragement, support, and comic relief they pitched in to provide me with was beyond anything I expected. I love them all.

This was so, so worth waiting for. Saving my first hug, my first kiss, all of my firsts for my husband was the best choice I ever made. And while I am already in a sappy frame of mind, let it be known that kissing your brand-new husband's face is rivaled by nothing.

Reason why Kaily and I are close and think alike: see far left.

Our mischievous bridal party had no problem obliging for this picture.


I am beyond blessed. To think that the Lord had planned all of this for me, and everything that has followed it, all of the years that I prayed and planned for my presumptive one-day role as a wife and the keeper of my husband's home, is incredible.

God is so good.


  1. Freaking gorgeous pictures!! Congratulations on your wedding!!

  2. I'm so happy you finally got around to posting more pictures from your special day! :D You know how much I enjoy seeing the pictures!!:) Love you!

  3. Since I discovered you on etsy through the Daughters at Home group... I have loosely followed your blog through the years. I lived in VT at the time, and so did you. I know you've been through a bit, and that makes your current joy all the more precious. May God bless you two as you journey through this life together!


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