Thursday, December 26, 2013

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I saw this little guy on Pinterest; I'm not sure why, but I just liked it.:)

Life gets hectic this time of year.:) Anyone able to relate? I'll be out of town (out of state, actually) for the next couple of weekends, so I thought it might be nice to sit for a minute and just relax for a few minutes. Is there anyone out there who just likes to sit still and think for a few minutes all by themselves?
Well, I do.:)
Christmas is supposed to be a season of comfort and joy, and it most certainly is. Getting together with your friends and laughing and having fun is definitely a good definition of “comfort and joy” and we enjoyed that very much yesterday.
But I just got to thinking how much more “comfort and joy” there will be for believers when Jesus comes back. It’s so easy to get tempted and discouraged right now, watching other Christians you loved and looked up to falling into apostasy, or when things you put a lot of hope and prayer into just don’t work out the way you hoped they would. Yes, things can work out that way, even at Christmas.
But Jesus is coming back someday and will bring complete and perfect joy and peace to His children. What a wonderful thing that is to look forward to!  Just knowing that in spite of how sinful we can be, in spite of how many times we fall, He is always there to pick us back up and comfort us with His love and forgiveness, is such a great measure of “comfort” and “joy.”
 But it is so sad thinking about the millions of people who don’t have that “comfort and joy” in their lives. For them Christmas isn’t much more than whatever they make it into. It doesn’t hold the precious reminder of Christ that it holds for us.

Our family goes caroling for our neighbor families every Christmas, and this year Dad put together a Gospel letter for each of them, explaining the simple Gospel and the sacrifice that Christ put together for them. I have to admit; at first I was a little nervous about that at first, to my shame!  I wondered if they might be colder to us afterwards, especially since I work for one of them, and I wondered if our relationship might be strained after that. But their souls are so much more important than any of that. How can we just enjoy Christmas without spreading the true “comfort and joy” of it with those who don’t know?

I am so grateful for the indescribable “comfort and joy” that Jesus brings into my life! He is there to give it all year long, not merely at Christmas. For those who haven’t been saved by His blood, He wants to save you, too. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.



  1. When others we looked up to fall into apostasy, we can always be comforted by the fact that the One (Jesus Christ) all of us look up to will never change. That's neat that your Dad explained the Gospel to all our neighbours! Dad always sends out tracts with his business paperwork, and, in spite of the fact that he sends them in estimates, many people still hire us. :) I think the Lord always blesses attempts to give others the Gospel.

  2. That picture is just so cute:) Little gingerbread men always are aren't they:) But that pic has a certain wintery peaceful feel to it, doesn't it?
    Where are you gonna be traveling the next few weekends?
    Miss and love ya much!!

    1. South this weekend to visit family, and then north next weekend to visit friends.:)
      Love you too, Charity!

  3. Very well said Hannah. That little Gingerbread man is too cute. At our old house our kitchen was decorated with Gingerbread men. Always loved them.:)

  4. So nice to see a post from you, Hannah, and hear that you are doing well! Yes, I would be one of those that likes to sit and relax and think for a few minutes by myself. :) I hope you have safe travels and good visits. Love you!

  5. How true, Hannah! Thank you for writing these words of incredible encouragement. The Lord uses you so much more than you know. Love.

  6. So, being Jewish means one has to be "saved"? Even when Jewish people believe in the same God?

  7. Your Neighbor, who found your blogMay 22, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Dear Hannah,

    Yes. We were offended at your letter. And the one that came the year after that. Our reasons? Freedom of religion. I understand why you feel you may have to "save" us, but we were just as offended by the idea that our religious beliefs, whatever they may or may not be, are less pure than your own. If we insisted that we needed to convert you to, say, Judaism or Islam, I imagine that you would be equally horrified, and claim that we were being blasphemous to even suggest the thought.

    Fun fact: we feel the exact same way about you. Jewish people, for instance - their religion came into existence long before yours, and following the same God. Does that make them, and their God, impure? Unholy? Doomed to hell? If you say yes, that means that you are only dooming yourself to the same fate, for Judaism is the past of Christianity. Next time, try thinking, just a little bit. How would you feel if a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or even an Atheist attempted to convert YOU? If you would be even the slightest bit upset or offended about that, think about how they would feel about your own attempts, and lay the hell off your Christian crusade.

    With love and peace and a lot of exasperation,

    Your Former Neighbor

    1. Dear Former Neighbor...

      It's good to hear from you. How has your life been?

      Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. I am going to take the liberty to correct a few misconceptions. If a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an atheist, or any other member of another religion attempted to "convert" me to their beliefs, I would not feel horrified or upset, as you assumed, but would regard it as a reasonable ambition, considering the state of their heart.

      On the other hand, I don't define my beliefs as a "religion," but rather, as a relationship- a relationship with God the Son, Who is the only way to heaven, according to John 14:6- "Jesus sayeth unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one cometh unto the Father but by me."

      Per Scripture, faith in Jesus Christ is the only way of receiving of eternal life- regardless of domestic origin or religious association. Those who reject Him, subsequently reject His Father, the God you indicated that we both believe in.

      The letters you received from our family were authored out of love. Please do not believe that we wrote them out of a critical or condemnatory spirit towards you. We greatly appreciate the friendship that you blessed us with during our years as your neighbors.



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