Friday, July 25, 2014

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*Another one of my draft-folder posts written back in May; no, we don't turkey hunt in July.:)*

Oh, the beauty of an existence set a good fair piece from I-89 and the nearest Wal-Mart. Not that everyone is that lucky—blessed, I mean—and to be sure, we spend a considerable spell away from the home place, absorbed with what Solomon might label vanity, had he experienced it when he penned Ecclesiastes. 
But oh, it feels sweet as a peach to set the commotion aside for a spell, listen to the crickets at night, drink my coffee on the front porch in the early morning, and laugh as my little brother tries—not so successfully to make me understand the mechanisms of the hydraulics in the John Deere.
The simple life is an elusive and even intangible cup of tea these days. Perhaps even a lost art, misplaced by smartphones, texting, and the like. Bless all smartphone's hearts, (if they happen to possess hearts; in this technological age, for all I know, they do) but do they ever seem glued to the palms of the population these days. I beg your pardon if I've caused your eyebrows to lift a touch; I didn't mean to offend. I find these things called smartphones most convenient, if I do say so myself. But how can you remember to listen for something as soft as a whippoorwill’s croon if you’re relentlessly on the watch for your friends’ texts: “hey u. hows it goin. i had a blst wi my buddy 2day.  hope 2 c u soon. p.s. hope this txt helps u find ur lost phone. bye.”
I know we can’t regain everything 
we've allowed to fall through our fingers, but I hope what I haven’t lost yet, I won’t let go of through the clamor of a chaotic existence. 
So many little things fly so quickly. Your text inbox doesn't empty til you’re so sick of reading those old texts again and again that you finally trash them and start all over again. Your emails are permanent, until you delete them. 
But the smell of the chamomile you grew yourself, the fun of mimicking your favorite movie with your brother, the dreams you share with your friend, will one day be lost. You’ll never have them back. I’ll never have them back.
Keep on texting; it’s the standard mode of communication at the moment. Who knows when a closeted Steve Jobs will dream up something even more time-economical than texting. 
But revel in the precious moments that don’t require technology. In due course, they’ll evaporate before you wish them gone.
By the way, this is as much an admonishment to myself as to any eyes who may be reading. I’m guilty as charged when it comes to excessive networking. It’s a tough pill to digest, this thing of saying no to a world begging to be communicated with. 
But by God’s grace, I want to do it.
Think of the blessings to be gained.
The other day, Zach came home with the first tom he’s ever shot. Thus far, the only prizes he’s lugged home to the butchering board have been jakes. This hefty catch was, lo and behold, a tom. Sporting a nine-inch beard and a pair of spurs long and jagged enough to make any Cabela’s fanatic covetous. 
“Aren’t you going to come and see it?” he asked me. 
“In a minute,” I said. 
“A minute’s gone by already,” he said. 
“You mean you actually wanted me to come now?” 
“Yeah, I meant now.”
And that’s when I stopped and listened. And thought. And learned. I hope.
Life is now. What we’re doing now. That’s what counts. And whether what we’re filling the “now” with will matter in eternity or not.
Well, I’d better go find a snack and a better use of my time. Come to think of it, the veggie patch by the barn is a rainforest of weeds. Maybe we could turn it into a game or something. Who can pick the most weeds the fastest. Who can crack the funniest joke.
And get something done in the meantime.



  1. Oh my… Hannah you couldn't have said it better. You picture it so well for us all, and it's true that we forget about the beauty of so many little things in life! Electronics and long to-do lists have torn us away from a few minutes on the porch with a siblings, listening to the crickets and watching the sunset.
    Thank you for sharing. It is so true that we will never have today again… and the fleeting moments cannot be had again. They are so precious. I need to make the most of them. The Lord has been teaching me this… and using you to remind me of it yet again :-)

    1. Hopefully I didn't come across as having everything together, Sarah, because I most certianly don't! I've often been guilty of spending too much time networking, and it is so hard to cut back.
      Thank you for your sweet, encouraging note... it made my day!:)

  2. Wut u mean keep on texting? R u telling me not 2 go out wi my brother and listen to de birds?

    1. Only for necessities. And in the meantime, keep practicing your spelling.:)

  3. Hey! Just wanted to tell you I changed my blog name! I did a blog post, but am thinking some people might not know...people wondered if i deleted it and no, i didn't!! Here is the link:
    p.s. sorry if this sounds confusing!

    1. Okay! Thanks for letting me know.:)

  4. Hannah I greatly enjoyed this post. We are thinking about adding a smartphone to our list of gadgets, but this post really made me think. I think one would be most convenient at times but you know as I have sat and waited at the dentist office and at the hospital etc. I have watched everyone go into their own space. Where we "used" to have a friendly visit with a stranger while waiting we now are forced to watch people in their own little world. What a SELFISH world we have become and I think it is so sad. Recently, while having a conversation with someone I know quite well it was so obvious they were not even listening as they scrolled a long on their phone. Smart phone maybe??? Or maybe not?? Thanks again for a well worded post. :) Enjoy your brothers and that sweet sister . The days go by sooo fast!!! Someday, those moments you have today will be but memories. Sooner than you might think too!!!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Mrs. R! I've been in the same situation before (with smartphones) and it does make one feel rather excluded and traded for the more exciting world on the screen.:/ And I've been guilty of doing the same myself; not necessarily with my friends, but definitely with my family at times.
      And I guess, the way things are looking right now, "those moments" are soon to become but memories at least for a good while.:( If you would think of it, please pray for me!

  5. i found your blog thrue other bloggers..i will be visitng more...nice blog


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