Friday, August 10, 2012

| field days 2012. |

Summer pies anyone?

Blueberry and cherry are family favorites. ;)

I was working in the garden this week and couldn't pass up a shot of two helpful little Monarch butterfly caterpillars demolishing a milkweed.

Picking peas in the shade of the corn. ;) Natural cover! Although I did get a shower of corn dust-- definitely not so pleasant.




 A summer evening.

Fair and Field Days 2012!

 This was the first year we had done the Midway (or parts of it) in a while.

Some of the boys tried out the helicopters.

Can you believe this little lady went in the fire trucks by herself? (And loved it!)

Petting Stormy.

Checking out the 18 wheeler they had on exhibit.

I liked this enormous tractor on exhibit =).  The wheels were a foot taller than I am.

The empty Demo. Derby feild. We got to see the cars arriving. ;)

Looking at some antique buggies.

Some beautiful exhibits in the Home and Garden department. We didn't contribute this year; hopefully next year we will be able to.

yes Emily, I found yours and Pamela's beautiful quilts!

Friends checking out little Miss Riley. ;)

Well, that's enough for now. Hope you all have a wonderful evening everyone, and God bless you!




  1. Hi Hannah,
    I saw your family as you came through the gate and I really wanted to say hello, but was busy at the time. I was disappointed not to have been able to talk with you. I hope you are all doing well!!

    1. Hi Emily! So sorry to have missed you at the fair! We did see Greg & Arielle at the soap booth. ;) We are doing pretty well, hope you all are the same! Miss you!

  2. I love the picture of Grr in his cowboy hat. Also, I really liked your harvest pictures! Reminds me that I ought to check my garden. :) I wish we could have been there with y'all. It looks like you had a blast! :D Lord willing, we'll see you Saturday!

  3. I think he was wearing that hat just for you. ;) We missed seeing y'all too. We did have fun, and everyone is excited about seeing you guys this weekend!

  4. Your pies look yummy :)! Sorry we missed Thursday. Looking forward to Saturday. Maybe we will have to have our own tug-of-war :).

    1. Thank you! We are looking forward to it as well, and we would love to have a tug of war. ;)

    2. And our own bluegrass gospel concert featuring Give Us Rain! ;)
      Will you and Matt bring all your instruments?

    3. Yup. ;) We're looking forward to it!

  5. Instruments yes. Concerts no.

  6. It was nice getting to see you at the fair Hannah. Wish I could have visited a little more with you.


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