Sunday, December 16, 2012

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Hello people.:) I am still alive, in case anyone has been wondering. Thanks to the kind folks who have been dropping sweet comments wondering how I've been, and such. As I'm sure people have noticed, I did change my blog title, a little earlier than I expected to. The "something else" it was going to coordinate with is still in the air, so please be patient with me.:) The reason I changed my name is because lately I've been trying to simplify my life and clean a lot of unnecessary clutter out of it. When I say clutter I mean extra distractions, silly ambitions and such, and fuss over unimportant things. And besides that, I absolutely love the idea of "a simple life" you know, un-technical, uncommercial, all that. 

So .  .  . enough on that subject. My days have been pretty full lately, and at night I am usually too busy or too tired to do much computer stuff. The above pics were taken several weeks ago (sorry, I know I'm behind) when we had our first major snowstorm. Speaking of, we are getting another one as I type. The kids were skiing a lot and (sorry, the skates are a fake, I haven't been skating yet, but hopefully that will come) the littles had the saucers out.:) 

The other night two of my brothers and I hiked up to a hay field on top of a ridge right after the sun had set. The view was awesome! We had some fun with silhouettes, too, but the beauty of the moment was spoiled when Zach found a set bear trap near where we were and hastily decided he wanted to go home. I'm not sure who would be trying to trap bears this time of year; shouldn't they all be hibernating?

Well, I had a lot more pictures, but they got deleted by accident. Maybe that's a good thing.:) But hope you all enjoyed this quick little update.:) I really appreciate you all who read my blog, and your comments are always so thoughtful. Maybe I will be able to post more often after December is behind us. Speaking of, this is the last month of the year, and we have fifteen days left to enjoy good old '12. :) This year really snuck by, didn't it?
And a few thoughts about the tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT, that happened this past weekend. I felt like crying when I first heard about it. I can't imagine that anyone would want to take a sweet, innocent, precious little child's life, but I am confident that all of those precious children are with Jesus. And He was, and is, in control of that entire event. Maybe someone's heart will be drawn to Jesus through this. 

Blessings in Christ,


  1. So glad to hear from you. Love the blog makeover! Thanks for the update...the pictures are sweet:)

  2. So glad that you updated. Loved all the pictures. It snowed here last night too but it is melting today. You guys have a lot more snow then we have. We don't have enough to ski yet. We haven't been skating yet either. Thanks for posting even though you are busy. I can totally understand being busy though. Well have a blessed day.:)I love your new blog makeover.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    We love your pictures and are so glad you are back posting!! We've missed seeing you and do hope to see you sometime!
    Wishing you a merry Christmas,
    with love,
    Anna, Abigail, Faith and Elsie

  4. Your always make the prettiest blogs!!! Glad to hear your family and you are all well. Our snow has turned to mud with lots of rain. I am thankful though that the temperatures are above freezing with my husband working away from home. Not a winter driver :). Have a blessed day!

  5. I like your new blog layout! Did "A Simple Life" come from a song by any chance? :D I agree with you about the Sandy Hook incident. It is truly sad that anyone would take the life of a human being, especially a child.

  6. Hannah,
    I love all your pretty pictures. I told Mr R last year that I want to hang skates like that on our front door. I think it is the perfect winter decoration but I have NOT done it YET. Maybe I will still get to it??


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