Saturday, June 27, 2015

| i can't help but pity you. |

"Not by choice," clamor the LGBT community. "We were born like this. Love accepts all members of society, regardless of irrelevant details such as sexual orientation."
Not so, ‪#‎LGTB. As with courage, ( America has rewritten her definition of love.

No, LGTB community, you were not born with an inherent instinct to lust after the members of your own sex. You chose it. You are not glorified animals with predispositions impossible for you to conquer. Your design is a little lower than the angels, crafted in the image of God, and God makes no mistakes with human design. No, LGTB, it's not called a gene. It's called sin. You chose to succumb. You chose to lust. And ultimately, you chose to grind the principles of nature and of the God who authored them into the gravel. And the leaders of your country and my country are clapping their hands.

But LGTB community, yours will not be the last laugh. Why? Because your kingdom and its ultimate monarch are finite. And God’s wrath will not remain bottled forever. Someday, you will bow the knee. And America’s leaders will bend with you. Your faces to the earth, you will declare the name of Jesus Christ and acknowledge His Lordship, but the Bible has news for you.

By then, it will be too late.

Barring the possibility of your repentance, it will not be a happy moment for you. “Gay Pride" will be crying out to the nearest rocks to fall upon it and protect it from the face of God. And America’s leaders will be crying out with it.

#LGTB, someday your pride will be the source of your greatest agony. And with that knowledge, I can’t help but pity you. Just a little bit.

America, I love you, but I am so disappointed in you.


  1. Amen to every single word. Wonderfully written, I could not agree more.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts no this, especially when people who are afraid of what others will think are allowing their convictions and beliefs to cave in to accept what is going on. I am glad there are at least a few good figures who are preaching that this decision has threatened family values instead of glorifying it as some great milestone in history.

    Blessings to you, Hannah♥

    1. Thank you, Jazzmin! You are definitely a "kindred spirit"! :)

  2. Amen, Hannah! I'm glad you have the courage to tell this to the internet and I agree with it!! One interesting thing I once heard somebody point out is that, yes, some people may be "born gay." The Bible calls it being born in sin. Everyone is born with a tendency to sin and some people are born towards that particular one. Their problem lies in not realizing that a fallen tendency does not justify the sin. That said, good article!! :)

  3. THIS. Yes, thank you for writing this. Perfectly written, Hannah. <3

  4. Wonderful post, Hannah!! Thank you for taking a stand and honoring the Lord in ALL things!!!! I am thankful for friends that have their eyes on Jesus :)

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, everyone!

      @Nick, I appreciate the thoughts you mentioned, and I definitely agree with you- I guess I was thinking more than the LGTB community can't compare their lifestyle to something like national origin, something they have zero control over, or hand God the responsibility for their tendencies. Unfortunately, I've seen many recurring instances of both.:( But, you're absolutely right, some really do struggle with the temptation to practice homosexuality. As with other temptations, it's how the struggle is handled that determines when or if it matures if into sin.

      @Heather and @Jessica- thanks again for your encouragement! It is definitely a blessing!!

    2. And in that sense, I 100% agree with you! The temptation is by no means an excuse for them to sin!


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