Friday, July 17, 2015

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Because someone once told me that life is at its finest experienced on the edge.

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// Your mom’s love. My fellow teenagers (I get to say that for three more months) if you think you’ve outgrown it, you’ve outgrown something akin to oxygen. Something that you  survived on before you decided to define yourself in cool labels.  Tell your mom you love her, because someday, you’ll wish that you had.

//Caffeine. Because, what other purpose does water possess other than the capability to supply the human race with java? My best friend when I’m enjoying it, and my cruelest foe when I’m deprived of it and my addiction starts shaking its fist at me.

//Ariats. And I may accomplish the hundred years old mark, but I will still wear my Ariats. Forget Converse, forget flats, forget flip flops. My future kid is going to wear them. I’ve already settled that very heavy, that very destiny-determining decision. Ha.

//Listening to “Love Like Crazy.” For about the two hundred and seventeenth time. Country music advice, at its finest.

//Career perks. Case in point: pivoting in time to see a doll of an eight-month-old girl laughing in her sleep, then opening her coffee-brown eyes still grinning. Oh, but that child ought to have her portrait pasted beside the cuteness definition in our copy of Merriam-Webster. I’m a hopeless idiot when I’m holding her, demonstrating every clownish expression I know to produce giggles, but she likes it, so hey.

//My hero.  He says, “I’m not a hero, I’m just another human being wearing bunker gear.” I say, “That may be true, but you’re the only hero my heart knows.”

//Fellowship. Because no blessing memo would be complete without it. Culture has a brutal habit of smearing its filthy fingers across your thoughts and tongue, and exchanging pieces of life with someone who knows the struggle is another way Jesus aids us in erasing some of the undesirables.
//Vision. Society is starving for it. God has blessed me to the extreme, saturating my existence with voices blazing for the sake of His Name. I want that flame to burn me, to kindle inside of me and touch whatever legacy the Lord chooses to entrust me with. Cool will soon grow cold. Reputation will shrivel until it is nothing but dirt under the feet of one more generation. But legacy will stand as silent sentinel to the variety of life I lived. Jesus, give me one that matters.                                                                        
//Oh. And thankful for the conclusion of another week. Happy Friday, folks. God is good. 




  1. Your writing - it's really good. I especially agree with your last point - vision. It is what we're dying for.

    You have a happy week too!

  2. I adore your blog. So much.
    And we both have 'simplicity' in our blog's name!
    You radiate positivity, and not a lot of people do that these days.

  3. Dear Hannah,
    I know it's been awhile since I've commented.....I just haven't had the time but I love your post. You know that though. They are always so enjoyable to read! You really need to blog more (hint, hint);). Miss you dear girl! ~Salinn Bethany~

  4. Love this!!!
    Love Like Crazy is Lee Brice's best! :)


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