Monday, October 1, 2012

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A delicious start to a rainy fall morning~ Dad is the sweet roll maker in our house.:)

Thank you so much everybody for the sweet comments on the last post.:) It was very encouraging, up until the end when I guess some people were getting tired of my prolonged silence. Sorry about that~ with school, and other things going on, I haven't had much time to sit down and actually update my blog lately. I sorta had a feeling that would happen when we hit Spetember.:) This post has been in drafts for a while, but it took me a while to sit down and finish it.   
But my camera has not been idle, as I guess is obvious by the pictures above.:) My brothers are especially enjoying the crisp fall air, although Zach who is a serious sunny-weather buff has been rather irritated by the consistent rain (yup, that's this state for you) and has been talking rather fondly of the sunny South. Funny how people have different opinions about that. Mama loves the rainy weather, and cool, foggy rainy days, in fact, when one of those days rolls around, Dad usually looks at her and says, "It's a Mommy day!" I think Matthew likes the sunshine best, Matt if I'm speaking wrong you can correct me via comment.:) and everyone else is about the same way.
So fall has rolled in full swing.:) We've tried to get out and take some hikes together in the mountians behind our house, sometimes the whole family, sometimes just me and the boys. Halfway up a ridge behind our house is a Ford tractor that looks like it was made in the 70's or something, that somebody left up there years and years ago. It's quite the bucket of rust and has blackberry bushes climbing up all over it and everything. But as you can imagine it's a gold mine for the boys, particularily Grr. I meant to get a picture of him with it, too, but it's bear season right now and I couldn't convince him to come up there. Actually, we've found a lot of stuff up there, including a much-dilapidated RV hidden at the top of the ridge that looks like it easily could have been there for thirty years. The trees have all grown up all around it.
So sorry this is so disconnected, but we've been exploring up there a lot lately, and so I guess that's what we've been doing this past weekend.
Another very sweet memory we made recently was a campfire with our sweet friends the S. and B. families.

Sorry everything is so blurry~ I still haven't really mastered taking perfect shots at night.
Some very sweet sisters.:)
And now some more rambles from here and there.
This picture has a story behind it...
Last week Matt "just happened" to open the closed burner of the grill, and found an indignant little creature hiding in the house she had created for herself almost right on top of the burner. It was actually quite a well constructed nest, and everyone was quite interested of course. She didn't really seem to enjoy the intimidating enthusiastic inspection of her house, though, and retreated to quieter hunting grounds.
Of course the finding of a mouse and her nest in the grill warranted some conversation, during which the mouse received a name. The first one was derrived from the excellent movie Ben Hur, (one of the few movies I can watch without getting bored). The boys liked the Roman governer's name, Philarious Gratus, and christened the mouse a variation, Philarious Rattus.
When I suggested that the mouse might be a gal building her babies a nest, the name was changed to Chunka Munca. (variation on Hunca Munca)
 Okay, enough of that, and some more pictures from recent life.
I saw this quote the other day, and couldn't resist editing this photo with it.
The other day on one of our hikes Matt and I saw this lovely thing.
My reaction: "Oh, look at that cute little deer!"
Matt's reaction: "Oh, man! Where's my bow?!"
Muffin is growing!
I got to see this darling little baby!!
On Sunday we visited some friends' church. It was such a wonderful time of sweet fellowship.
Mercy is so adorable!

My friends and I were trying out our piano skills for each other.:)

I am so thankful for my sweet was such a blessing to get to see you Salinn and Annette.:)
Okay, I think this post has extended itself long enough, I am getting tired of sitting still, and am quite computered out. I guess I shouldn't put off posting so long again.
But anyway, hope you all have a wonderful evening! I wanted to share two last things, one of them of an absolutely beautiful pictures I found off on a wonderful Christian website, and a link to one of my favorite songs that I usually listen to when I'm down or something.

Hoping you all have a great evening! Thanks again for visiting!!

"And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know Him that is true, and we are in Him that is true, even in His son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life."
 ~1 John 5:20



  1. Hannah, what a beautiful post! You are sooo creative with your photography and so artistic when you tint them! And we all love the way you share your sweet, tender heart. Thank you for such a lovely post! And it was very fun to spend the evening at your home (and all our pictures are blurry too!!) Blessings to you! ~ Anna and Abigail

  2. Give the scale a little weight! Four cookies in each hand!

  3. ...Or you can balance the other end of the equation -4 cookies.

  4. Beautiful post, Hannah! Thank you for sharing. We missed the changing color of the leaves at home due to being on vacation. There probably won't be any leaves on the trees by the time we get home,'s supposed to be 39 degrees on Thursday! I'm looking forward to the cold weather:)

  5. Hi Hannah,
    Your pictures are all so pretty.:) It was so nice seeing you on Sunday.:) Muffin is so cute. Hope you have a great day.

  6. Nice Pics and good to hear from you again.Hope2CUSoon.Mikayla


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