Thursday, July 26, 2012

| hitting the trail. |

So I guess I haven't posted in a little while. I should admit right here that I probably wasn't cut out for social networking as much as I was for being outdoors.  LOL. Some people seem to have the gift of pouring out their hearts on a social network. Well, not me. =) But Mama was wondering when I would post again, and because I did have a legitimate excuse to post, here we go.
 Yesterday some sweet friends took me along on a beautiful hike to a nearby mountian. It was gorgeous, to say the least! It started out pretty easy and flat, but quickly turned more "adventerous" steeper, rockier, (more in character with this state's terrain!) and turned out to be quite a climb! It was so much fun though.Interestingly enough Matthew and I had climbed the ridge behind our pasture many times and seen both the mountian and the fire tower at the top, (it's only about five miles from our place) but we never thought that there was a hiking trail going up to the top of the mountian.

The trail was quite rocky near the top. In fact in a couple places it was just flat slabs of rock.

Anyone up for a natural camp site? There were a couple little caves and interesting rocks on the way up.

Standing under this little overhanging was just a little scary-- I couldn't help but wonder if that rock near the top was loose??

At the summit~ the fire tower. Someone was saying that the forest rangers or somebody used to stand at the top and look for fires?
It was a little scary at the top at first~ especially since we thought we saw it swaying a little bit? But the view was totally worth it.

How can you not possibly worship and stand in awe of the omnipotent Creator with such awesome evidence of His power?

I couldn't resist retouching one of them. Hopefully I didn't wreck it?

We ate lunch at the edge of this little cliff. It was so peaceful and quiet-- no cars, no traffic, (not that we have traffic at our farm anyway!) but it was just like being in the wilderness. Definitely my style!

There were many of these little crevasses around where we were sitting. Some of them were pretty deep. But they were pretty neat to see!

Back home ~ a group of kids sitting around on the lawn. I think Matthew was demonstrating how to throw a stick like a spear?

I got a serious kick out of this one when I saw it. I think Matthew got all the kids wearing some form of "war" uniform (some may have been mismatched) and with a by-now bedraggled flag got them all into a play battle. They have really gotten into re enacting battles lately. One of the boys got the Soldiering Through History series for a birthday, which is where they got the idea. See the little pilgrim in the middle of the warriors?
 Joy Joy is so funny. She always hangs out with the boys, playing boy games (such as hunting bears with wooden guns and re enacting WWII,) and pretty much does things with them. Except if I am baking something, she always does come around to lick the bowl. Mama was saying she thinks it is the fact that she is the little sis to a row of boys. I guess I was always the same way, running wild with my brothers in the woods and being a good example of a "tomboy." Thankfully by the time I hit my teens I picked up some ladylike habits (hopefully.)

Well, I guess this turned out to be longer than I expected! Maybe I'm more "bloggy" than I thought. ;)
Guess that's all for now, and hope you all have a wonderful night!



  1. I was just thinking that it has been awhile since you had updated and I decided to check again and you had updated.:) The little pilgrim is so cute in that picture.:) Looks like you all had a good time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Salinn! I guess it hasn't been TOO long since I had updated. Anyway, thanks for commenting, and hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful pictures :)recognized some of those happy hikers! Gracie is like that too ... running, trees, dangerous biking,..... but she loves babies and cooking :).
    Looking at your beautiful blog your not all tomboy anymore :).

    1. I'm glad to hear that! Last night Dad was reading my last post aloud to Mom, and when he got to the part where I said that I thought I had picked up a few ladylike habits, Matthew commented that it certianly wasn't very many! Mom stuck up for me though, :)

    2. Brothers :) .... they keep us humble :)!

  3. well I suppose you have picked up one or two.

  4. A few of our battles ended in disaster.

    1. Sounds like fun! We should all have a reenactment when we get together. :D

  5. Wow! I realized it has been quite a while since I checked in here. :( It looks like y'all had a great hike! I'd definitely like to camp in a cave like that... with a big fire, at least. :D I was going to sleep out on the grass at the state park, but the mosquitoes were horrible. Guess I need to toughen up a bit. :D Love the pics of the guys reenactments! We tried to make a Civil War movie last winter. I (unfortunately) accidentally deleted the videos on Saturday. :/ Say hi to everybody for me! :D

    1. Please say hi to everyone on your side of the mountian for me, too! Thanks for dropping by!


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